Welcome to the new Union Wine Co. website

Welcome to the new Union Wine Co. website

We are official. All the work we’ve been doing over the past year redesigning our Union Wine Company brand, refreshing all of our wine brands’ packaging, creating one of the best brand videos we’ve seen are now finally culminating in this new website. We’re very fortunate to have a crew of extraordinarily creative people in the Union Wine Co. family, who feel just as passionately about Oregon craft as we do. We owe extreme gratitude to our creative team for helping us bring Union Wine Company to life.

So, for all of the wine-induced brainstorming sessions, brilliant ideas, late night work, and at the root of it all, serious talent, we say a huge THANK YOU to this incredible cast of characters.

We look forward to many new projects and wine-focused gatherings with the new members of the Union family.

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