We recently made some videos that illustrate some of the challenges of not being yourself when drinking wine. Please take heed, and keep your pinkie down.

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    The Cans Have Arrived

    Whether it’s at a store near you, or you want to order online this is the way to be the first in your area to get the Underwood can.

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    A common wine enjoyment "boobytrap"

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Because we can. Actually, the cans were first released in a limited edition at the 2013 Feast Portland event through a Pinkies Down campaign to share our belief that there is too much fussiness around wine. At the event, in addition to the cans, we introduced the Union Wine Co. Tasting Truck, a re-purposed vintage French Citroën H Van where we served the wine in a can. Based on the success of that weekend, we decided to put it into production.

    Is this really from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”?

    We love that show, and a bunch of us watch it, but truthfully, the idea came from one of our creative brainstorming sessions. We wanted to come up with a product that embodied our company’s philosophy of making great craft wine minus all the fuss. We started with our core idea that “it’s more important what goes into the glass than what type of glass it is” and that this is what Oregon craft wine should be known for. That’s where things got fun, and the idea of the can was born. We ended up talking about what it feels like to drink wine with your pinkies down and how hard it is to have your pinky up when you have a beer in your hand. That led to discussions of what it would be like to be able to bring wine anywhere like beer, and the idea of going to the river or camping with a six-pack of wine came up, and now, here we are.

    How many “glasses” of wine are in a single Underwood Pinot in a Can?

    Roughly two. It’s a half bottle’s worth. Enough to share… or not.

    Is the Underwood Pinot in a Can the same wine found in the bottles?

    Yes, it is the exact same.

    Where can I buy/order Underwood Pinot in a Can?

    Underwood Pinot in a can will be landing on shelves in selected regions around June 1st. Those locations are: Oregon (obviously), along with California (SF, LA and San Diego), Delaware, Hawaii (limited this time), Illinois (Chicago mostly), Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Virginia and Washington DC. The amount of interest in wine in a can took us by surprise, and we are working hard to get the next batch created, but craft wines take some time. We will continue to expand as we make more, so look for more regions to carry the cans soon, or check out our new online store, or connect with us on Facebook to find out more info as it is ready.

    Is there any way to order it if it’s not available in my area immediately?

    Yes, we will be making a limited quantity available for purchase through our new online store. You can also buy our other wines, or Underwood in a bottle there. Don’t forget to tell your local wine shop that you want it, as they can help.

    Does the aluminum can affect the taste or consistency of the wine?

    Not at all. As with all canned beverages, there’s a liner in the can that prevents the aluminum from contacting the wine. No one wonders that about their local craft beers or soda, so in a way it’s funny, to us, how much that question comes up. Order one of each – the bottle and the can – invite some friends over, and dispel the myth for yourself.

    Is it friendlier to the environment to put wine in a can vs. a glass bottle or box?

    Cans are the most recycled beverage containers in the world and are 100 percent recyclable. They can be recycled infinitely with no loss of quality through a well-established and efficient process. Each can recycled substantially reduces the environmental footprint. Cans are ultra-efficient to transport, lightweight, unbreakable and provide superior product protection. We think those are all very good reasons to use them.

    Will the wine continue to age and develop in a can?

    Yes, but it will probably have less influence from light and air since it’s sealed, so it should actually last longer. This strikes us as a funny image, to apply traditional aging principles to something in a vessel designed for travel and portability, but it’s up to you. We are more interested in the places this can goes once it’s liberated from those confined spaces. Let us know where you take it now that you can. Include us on Facebook and Instagram @unionwinecompany and #pinkiesdown when you take it somewhere cool.

    I’ve heard you mention “beerification of wine” and “pinkies down.” What is this all about?

    The craft beer movement took a lot from wine packaging as it came of age and continued to take it to whole new places. We think we can shift some of our focus back to something that has more fun, rooted in craft but less stuffy. #Pinkiesdown is how we communicate that big idea, simply. We feel like drinking wine doesn’t have to come with all of the pretension that it often does. We know a lot of people are turned off by that and want something less pretentious. Having a glass of wine with friends ought to be fun, not make you feel inferior, in our view. We think we’re not alone.

    Why is Oregon a great place to make wine?

    Part of what makes winemaking in Oregon exciting is that it’s a constant challenge. Oregon’s climate (lots of rain, cool temps, short growing season) doesn’t make this a walk in the park. That also sets it apart. We’re not France. We’re not California. Oregon wines have a distinct profile. They have good vibrancy and crispness. Our wines taste like the agriculture that surrounds us. Then there are the people. Slightly crazy, pioneers, artists, makers and doers that call Oregon home and believe there is a better way to do things. People who consistently focus on what goes into the glass rather than telling you what type of glass you should be drinking from. We are constantly inspired by the ethos and passion here. We do not have a formal tasting room, but please feel free to email us at to arrange for a private visit. We also have the Union Wine Co. Tasting Truck, which is currently used for events, and will soon serve as a mobile tasting room on SE Division and 33rd in Portland. Stay tuned by following us on Facebook.