Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer Photo Contest

🍷 Photo Contest Alert! 🐶

Summertime = more time outdoors with our furry best friends, maybe with a can of wine in hand? We want to see how you enjoy some Underwood wine with your bestie. Use the form below to upload your photo and to be entered in an awesome giveaway full of goodies for your pup from our friends Wild Pet Provisions, Portland Pet Food, and Atlas Pet Co., and of course, wine from us to keep you hydrated through those dog days of summer.


WILD Pet Provisions
Prize: HUGE gift basket full of treats, toys, and gear
We established WILD because the well-being of our animals is so important to us. What you feed your pet matters and we have the information and ingredients to you help you make the best decisions you can when it comes to what you put in your beloved, furry family members’ bowls. We will help your dogs and cats thrive, not just survive, on the food they eat.

Portland Pet Food Company
Prize: 4 meals, 2 treats, and 1 toy
In 2014, Katie McCarron’s 14 year old poodle, Rosie, became sick and lost her appetite. As a picky, older dog, vets believed Rosie was sending signs that she was ready to go, but Katie believed she had more life in her. She set out to create a better alternative to the processed dog food Rosie was eating by cooking all-natural, fresh dog food in her own kitchen. Rosie’s appetite was reinvigorated, and she lived for another 2.5 years! And with that, Portland Pet Food Company was started.

Atlas Pet Co
Prize: Lifetime Leash
From swimming in the California surf to hiking in the Colorado Rockies, my Labrador Retriever Atlas has been by my side. Our dissatisfaction with overseas-made low quality gear has led us here, and after extensive prototyping and rigorous testing, we’re excited to share what we came up with. With APC, you can give your best friend the best gear—durable products, made in America, that don’t cut corners on quality.

Union Wine Company
Prize: One case of Underwood Cans (24 cans)
Here at Union, we geek out a little bit about where we live…and rightfully so. We love that Oregon is truly a unique community built on individual strengths, and is a haven of makers and doers who pay particular attention to their craft, be it food, clothing, or in our case, wine. It’s also a place where, in a sense, we have it all – wild open spaces that meet mountains, industrial cities and farmlands, all brimming with inspiring artists who are passionate about their craft. We are amazed on a daily basis at what it’s like to live and work within this unique community.