Records & Rosé Cocktails: Adding a little Summer to your Autumn

Now that the weather (at least in the Portland area) has officially packed away all of its tank tops and cut-off shorts in favor of some corduroys and light flannels, I think we can all agree, if not rejoice, that the summer is finally over and autumn has arrived. That, of course, is no reason for distress—fall in the Pacific Northwest can be beautiful, calm, and mild. But it can also get really nasty, really quick, so keep those raincoats at the ready.
At this time of year, it is very common to slip your remaining bottles of Rosé to the bottom of the wine rack and forget all about them for several months. But here at Union, we say a hearty and heartfelt “Nay!” to such thoughts. Rosé can definitely be enjoyed all year round, and especially in the lighter days of early Autumn. You just need the right situation and the right cocktail to highlight not just the wine, but the weather as well. Obviously, while the sun is still shining, “gather ye Rosebuds while ye may…”  but if the clouds roll in and it seems like a day to enjoy the great indoors, we have a plan ready for you.  (Hint, hint…)

Nothing goes better with a tasty Rosé cocktail than digging deep into the ol’ vinyl stacks and finding a few records that still keep the summertime vibe rolling. We’ll be suggesting a few records before this post is complete (we’re sure you have your personal favorites too), but for now, let’s get to the cocktail.
The Great Indoors
1.5 oz Gin (dealer’s choice, tho we prefer Beefeater)
1 oz Lillet Blanc
2 oz fresh-squeezed ruby-red grapefruit juice
Rosemary sprigs for garnish and a touch of the Autumnal
*Makes 1 cocktail

Fill a glass with ice. Juice the grapefruit. Measure all ingredients into the glass. Stir well and garnish with a sprig of Rosemary.

Pick a few choice records and enjoy. We know that everyone has their favorite tunes when playing DJ, but we wanted to suggest a few that inspired us while we were creating this cocktail.
First up, the sentinel Andrew Bird Album, The Mysterious Production of Eggs, which although it is currently celebrating its 15 year anniversary, is as fresh and upbeat as ever.

Originating in Dallas Texas, the Old 97s have been going strong for nearly 30 years. Their newest albums are as melodic and clever as anything they have ever put out, but this classic, Hitchhike to Rhome definitely put them on the map, so to speak.

Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t highlight Portland’s very own Blitzen Trapper, and their 2008 classic, Furr.

So, from everyone here in the Union Family, we hope you are socializing safely and washing those hands!
And please, please, please
And, of course, keep those #pinkiesdown.

Photography, Cocktail & Text by David L. Reamer. (@dlreamer)

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