Union Tastes: Exploring Diversity in Wine

They come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes, with an endless amount of potential early in their life, later coalescing to become something beautiful and complex. We are talking about the amazing wine grape of course. However, our community within the world of wine is just as varied and multifaceted. In hopes of sharing this abundant bouquet of culture, we invite you to our Diversity in Wine tastings, where we feature world class wines brought to you from our fellow winemakers and growers in the BIPOC community.

BIPOC Wine Tasting

A few months back we rounded up a few of our favorite wines and made some at-home tasting kits for our staff. Each staff member picked up their wines and tasted from the comfort and safety of their homes. The fantastic wines we enjoyed are from the following wineries:

Chosen Family

Chosen Family “makes wines that capture a rare moment in time.” Founded by Channing Frye, Chase Renton, and Jacob Grey as a way to bring their passion for wine and for making the most of life to their friends, family, and all of our dinner tables.

A thoughtful approach to every aspect of the winemaking process is showcased in their wines, which tend to sell out fast so if you have the opportunity to score a bottle, do it!

Chosen Family 2019 Chardonnay – Our Notes: 

Great acidity, balance of fruit and mild oak. Nice layers. Flavor lingers on your pallet and is very enjoyable. Juicy, light.

Aroma: mineral, stone, brioche, savory, lychee
Appearance: straw yellow, wheat fields
Taste: biscuits, tart green apple, green fruit, pear
Finish: smooth, buttery, dry

Chosen Family Chardonnay Chosen Family Chardonnay

Abbey Creek

“It’s great that I’m the first but what’s most important is that I’m not the last.”

In 2008, Bertony Faustin became the first recorded black winemaker in Oregon. He works hard to create community and open up the dialogue for a deeper conversation into diversity, equity and inclusion. Named after the creek that runs through the vineyard, Abbey Creek wines have made a name for themselves in the world of Oregon Pinot Noir, as well as offering up a collection of sparkling wines and a 14-month, oak-aged Chardonnay. If you’re in the Portland area, be sure to visit Bertony’s new wine shop and tasting room, The Crick. It is full of good vibes and good tunes.

Abbey Creek 2019 Chardonnay – Our Notes: 

Super interesting for a chardonnay, bright, smells amazing. Balanced oak with fresh flavors. Maybe stainless steel aged? Big mouth feel.

Aroma: lemon rind, grass, salt air, lemongrass
Appearance: pale gold, clear pastel yellow
Taste: sour candies, tart citrus fruits, under-ripe grapefruit, sour patch kids, apple
Finish: smooth and tart

Abbey Creek Chardonnay

McBride Sisters

Robin and Andrea McBride grew up separately in Monterey, CA and Marlborough, New Zealand – two world-renowned wine regions. The newly found sisters joined forces in California in 2005, creating the McBride Sisters Collection. In a male-dominated profession, the McBride sisters used their passion to grow the largest black owned wine company in the United States, with a strong focus on inclusivity and sustainability. “Since 2005, The McBride Sisters’ mission has become clear — to transform the industry, lead by example, and cultivate community, one delicious glass of wine at a time.”

Black Girl Magic Rosé 2019 – Our Notes: 

Fruit forward with an easy finish. Perfect for a beach day. Lovely color.

Aroma: lily, apricot, floral, citrus, strawberry
Appearance: watermelon pink
Taste: black pepper, grass?, strawberry , raspberry, meyer lemon
Finish: slightly bitter, easy

Black Girl Magic Rose

Black Girl Magic Rosé

Charles Wine Company

Charles Wine Company was created in 2012 and is a small, boutique style family establishment sourcing grapes from the Sierra foothills in the Lodi Appellation of California. A strong focus on high-quality varietals and thoughtful winemaking creates an authentic offering of wines with a personal feel.

Paul Charles Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 – Our Notes: 

Young, could use a few more years in the bottle. Big, bold, and beautiful. Nice acidity and savory.

Aroma: cranberry, sage, currant, black cherry, spice
Appearance: brick red, deep red
Taste: charcoal, strawberry, cedar, slightly sweet and jammy, cassis
Finish: smooth, low tannin for a cab

Paul Charles Wine

Maison Noir

Maison Noir is a lifestyle brand, producing a line of T-Shirts and a wide variety of Oregon wines including distinctive Pinot Noir’s, a bright Chardonnay and a Red Blend with a punch. Award-winning Sommelier, André Hueston Mack, founded Maison Noir in 2001, sourcing grapes predominately from Oregon’s Willamette Valley. André approaches winemaking a little differently and focuses on creating a wine that “isn’t afraid to have a good time.”

OPP 2019 Pinot Noir – Our Notes: 

Traditional tasting OR pinot noir but with a bit of a bite. Smells delicious. Good on it’s own, even better with food. Very well rounded.

Aroma: leather, white pepper, smoke, current and cherry
Appearance: ruby
Taste: blackberry, red currant, tobacco, clove
Finish: smooth, balanced tannins, structured, dry

Other People's Pinot Other People's Pinot

And, there you have it!

Thanks for “joining” us for this first tasting by the Union family. Watch for more BIPOC-focused notes and tastings coming soon.

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